*Photos do not represent actual patient advisors

 “In the eleven years since I was diagnosed with cancer, many new treatment options have been added through the research process. One of those treatments, a gene therapy, helped save my life. It has been an honor to participate in several cancer research studies, and help move cancer treatment forward. In doing so, we participants leave the waiting room a better place than we found it - a place where future patients will find more treatment options, longer lives and firmer hope.”


“As a lung cancer survivor, participating in research studies is another way I feel like I am able to “pay it forward”. I am able to help the next person diagnosed with lung cancer navigate the path to a successful remission and hopefully help the medical community find a cure once and for all.”

-Donna Lee

 “As a cancer survivor, I participate in cancer research to help others going through this journey so that a cure can be found. Going through cancer diagnosis and treatment was a traumatic experience for me and my family, and survivors need all the help they can get. Participating in research is my way of giving back for the blessings that allow me to be here today. I believe I am providing a service that will be extremely beneficial to many survivors, and I am confident that the research will make a difference. We need strength and motivation to keep fighting. Each person handles cancer in his or her own way. Using my experience to assist others gives me a purpose and helps me maintain a positive attitude as I continue to move forward.”


“I participate in research studies because I’m so grateful to those who went through studies for treatments that I received - treatments that saved my life after my cancer diagnosis. I am an eight year survivor, and I treasure every day.”


Why I Participate In Research Studies

 Below are quotes from four of our patient advisors* on the CHOICE Study team. All patient advisors have previously participated in cancer research studies, and here, in their own words, are their motivations for doing so.