CHOICE Study Protocol Published

We are happy to announce the publishing of the CHOICE Study Protocol in the journal Contemporary Clinical Trials. Available on the website since March 5, 2016, the protocol paper outlines the reasons for the CHOICE Study and describes the trial in detail. The publishing of study protocol is important because it announces the study to the medical research community by providing public disclosure of its ethical considerations, intentions, and rationale.

Publishing of trial protocol also helps minimize overlapping research by letting the medical research community know that the CHOICE Study is already assessing acupuncture and cognitive behavioral therapy in cancer patients with insomnia. 

When the final CHOICE Study results and conclusions are published, readers can look back to the protocol paper and verify that the study findings are the result of adherence to the original plan for trial conduct and analysis. It will be clear that we studied what we said we would using the methods we said we would use. We look forward to the continued recruitment of CHOICE Study participants in 2016, as well as the next phases of the trial.

If you would like to read the published study protocol, please click HERE.