Can I choose which treatment I receive?

​Participants are not able to choose which treatment they receive and must be willing to try either one. There is a very important reason why this is the case. Specifically, we want to investigate whether a person's preference  or expectation of benefit for acupuncture or CBT-I influences how well they do in that treatment. 

Will I be compensated for my time?

If you qualify to be enrolled as a CHOICE Study participant, and you choose to do so, you will be compensated in the following ways:

Compensation with a $20 Amazon Gift Card after completing baseline, mid-treatment and post-treatment study-related evaluations and procedures. You will be given a $40 Amazon Gift Card after the follow-up evaluations at week 20.

Total compensation for each study participant after completing all study-related evaluations and procedures is $100 worth of Amazon Gift Cards. If a study participant decides to withdraw before the study has ended, he or she will be asked to meet with the study staff for a final evaluation, and will be compensated for the time invested in the study. 

What are the possible benefits of participating in the CHOICE Study?

​CHOICE Study participants may experience improvement in the severity of their insomnia and other cancer-related symptoms. Improvement in insomnia often leads to improvement in overall physical and emotional wellbeing. While the CHOICE Study cannot promise any direct benefit, each participant will be helping other cancer patients make informed decisions about how to improve insomnia and its related symptoms.

What happens at my first CHOICE Study visit? 

​During your first visit, you will be asked to complete surveys about your insomnia and other related symptoms, and provide a blood sample. You will also be asked about your preferences for one treatment over the other (acupuncture and CBT-I), as well as your beliefs, attitudes and expectations about the study treatments. You may be asked to be interviewed about your preferences. These interviews will be audio recorded. The research staff member will then open a sealed envelope and tell you which treatment you have been randomly assigned to, and will schedule your treatment appointments in advance. 

How do I become a participant? 

​If you have any questions about the study or your eligibility, please contact us. A research staff member will help you determine if this study is right for you.