CHOICE recognizes all those impacted by cancer on National Cancer Survivors Day

Sunday, June 5, 2016, will mark the 29th annual National Cancer Survivors Day, celebrating and supporting cancer survivors both nationwide and worldwide. According to the National Cancer Survivors Day website (, the first Sunday of June is a time to celebrate life, find inspiration, and reach out to support others who are experiencing the “ongoing challenges of cancer survivorship”.

By definition, cancer survivorship is counted from the moment of diagnosis. In the US, there are more than 14.5 million cancer survivors still counting and celebrating milestones. Some of these survivors in the Greater Philadelphia area are participants in the CHOICE Study. One of those ongoing challenges cancer survivors face is insomnia and its accompanying symptoms of impaired daytime functioning, pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety. The CHOICE Study will help future cancer survivors and those with metastatic cancer decide which non-drug treatment (acupuncture or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) is the best choice to treat their insomnia. As the CHOICE Study continues recruitment and analysis of results, it will contribute to more cancer survivors celebrating a good night’s sleep by next year’s National Cancer Survivors Day.

As the National Cancer Survivors Day events and social media celebration (#NCSD2016, #CelebrateLife) spread hope and inspiration to cancer survivors and their families, the CHOICE Study Team wishes its participants, advisors and readers all the best. We are excited to continue to work towards improving the quality of life for cancer survivors by improving the quality of their sleep.