CHOICE Study Update - July 2016

The CHOICE Study is moving along successfully and we would like to share some updates with you in this month’s blog post. Similar to January’s blog, this post will let our readers know how the study is progressing and what the next steps will be.

Our biannual patient/stakeholder meeting took place on June 4, 2016, in Blockley Hall, on the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania campus. Joining us from New York City was Dr. Mao’s CHOICE Study team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), increasing our number of attendees to 22. This was the largest meeting to date. We welcome Dr. Mao’s team, and are thrilled to announce the CHOICE Study is officially a two-site research study. We estimate that the CHOICE Study at MSKCC will open for enrollment by August 1, 2016!

The CHOICE Study as a whole is now in the middle of its recruitment stage, as our 80th patient was enrolled in April of this year. Thanks to the work of patient Co-Advisor Winifred Chain and Charity Calloway, the CHOICE Study has a greater-than-usual minority representation at 32%. So far, study participants also represent survivors of several types or sites of cancer, and a wide age range (27-86 years old). While enrollment continues for the second half of CHOICE Study participants, Dr. Fran Barg and her team from the University of Pennsylvania’s Mixed Methods Research Lab have begun analysis of the baseline qualitative interview. This is done by coding common interview themes, entering the codes into a codebook, then applying them to the baseline interviews. We look forward to Fall and Winter 2016, when primary findings from the interviews will become available. 

Looking ahead to the interpretation of data and the dissemination of results phases of the CHOICE Study, the CHOICE Study team also discussed how best to engage relevant support and advocacy groups. Our investigators, patient advisors, and stakeholders offer a diverse set of professional contacts among well-known support and advocacy groups in the U.S., and we anticipate continued successful engagement with them. Also, during these study phases, we are hoping to expand the content and reach of the CHOICE Study website and blog. This will increase our web traffic and establish links with other websites to reach cancer survivors who can benefit from reading the results of the CHOICE Study.